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Terms and conditions

Participant selection criteria and restrictions

For all the details, consult “Policies and Regulations.

Payment terms

The Bus Carriers Federation must receive payment of the registration fees for Bienvenue Québec by August 29, 2024, at the latest. If your registration fees remain unpaid after this date, the Federation will cancel your registration for the event completely without further notice.

Any registration received after August 29, 2024, must be accompanied by payment.

Registration transfers

No registration transfers will be accepted.

General cancellation policy

At the latest, a written cancellation notice received at the office of the Bus Carriers Federation by August 29, 2024, will result in a refund of 50% of the registration fees. The administration fees are non-refundable.

A written cancellation notice received between September 1 and 13, 2024, inclusively will result in a refund of 25% of the registration fees. The administration fees are non-refundable.

Refund will only be granted for a cancellation notice received after September 13, 2024.

The same rule applies to accompanying persons and no-shows.

Cancellation policy in the event of death or severe illness

In the event of death or serious illness of the participant or a member of their immediate family (father, mother, spouse, child), a 20% refund of the amount paid will be made upon receipt of written proof. A death notification or medical certificate will be considered proof beyond any doubt. This document will only be accepted.

Cancellation Policy in the Event of Force Majeure

No full or partial refund will be granted to one or more participants in the event of force majeure unless the case of force majeure completely prevents the event from being held.

A case of force majeure includes but is not limited to, any fortuitous event, strike, partial or complete work stoppage, lockout, fire, riot, intervention by civil or military authorities, compliance with regulations or orders of any government authority[1] (e.g., forced closure of establishments, forced cessation of activities, etc.), the act of war (declared or not), act of terrorism, earthquake, natural disaster, epidemic, or pandemic other than that related to COVID-19 and its variants.

Accordingly, please note that infection with COVID-19 and its variants does not constitute a case of force majeure for the purposes hereof and will not entitle you to any refund.

[1] Mainly including Public Health.

Holding the event in 100% virtual mode

Public health rules can change in unpredictable, irresistible ways beyond the control of the event organizer.

Considering this fact, if the event cannot be held in person due to a Public Health order or a precarious epidemiological situation, it will be held virtually. Therefore, registrations with appointments will be automatically transferred to virtual.

Otherwise, the GENERAL CANCELLATION POLICY will apply.

The deadline to complete your company profile for the appointment selection is September 13, 2024.