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Policies and regulations

I- Introduction

Bienvenue Québec’s functioning procedures aim to create and maintain a framework where delegates can conclude an optimal number of appointments reasonably and efficiently.

  • The rules, their application, and the penalties help ensure that:
    • In a highly competitive market where millions of dollars change hands, each company is treated fairly, and everyone complies with the rules.
    • Only those registered for Bienvenue Québec are authorized to be present in the different activities of the program.
  • The rules govern all the activities that take place during Bienvenue Québec. All participants must read and understand the terms and conditions and the policies and regulations contained on this page and agree to abide by them.
  • Please comply with the policies and regulations to avoid the buyer being notified of non-compliance. Serious non-compliance, the Bus Carriers Federation may revoke the current year’s registration without notice. Notwithstanding the above, the accumulation of warnings will indicate to the Bus Carriers Federation a lack of interest on the part of the buyer and as a result, the buyer may be denied future participation in the event.
  • Bienvenue Québec employees are mandated to enforce the rules in this document.
  • Bienvenue Québec employees have the appropriate training and hold the necessary powers. They are capable of responding to complaints professionally and interpreting the rules correctly.


II – Functioning of Bienvenue Québec

The Bus Carriers Federation is responsible for managing Bienvenue Québec and determining the policies that govern it.

All activities included in the program will take place at the Quebec City Convention Center, as well as places in the city of Quebec chosen by the organizer.

III – “Bienvenue Québec” trademark

Bienvenue Québec is an official copyright-protected trademark. The use of this registered trademark, which the Bus Carriers Federation owns, is reserved for the event’s promotion by its organizers. It must not be printed, used, or displayed without the express written permission of the Federation.

IV – Participant selection criteria and restrictions


Delegate with appointments

a) The Bus Carriers Federation must first approve the buyer by the recommendations made by the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec, the Canadian Tourism Commission, professional tourism organizations, industry representatives, and sellers participating in Bienvenue Québec.

b) The buyer must develop and sell packages in the province of Quebec, including accommodations, transportation, and activities at a minimum.

c) The buyer must have operated at least one group travel departure or at least 50 days of group travel in Quebec during the 12 month preceding the date of the company’s registration application, unless the buyer participates in Bienvenue Québec for the first time.

d) A buyer solicits the Quebec destination for the first time, it will have to show significant development in the two years following its first participation in Bienvenue Québec.

e) The buyer must hold public all-risk civil liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and error and omission insurance coverage from a reputable insurance company.

f) The buyer must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and be duly qualified and licenced to do business in each jurisdiction that requires such qualifications or licences.

g) The buyer must delegate an English-speaking decision-making representative.

h) The buyer must demonstrate that it is prepared to contract with sellers during the Exchange.

i) The buyer must hold all the appropriate operating licences.

New buyer with appointments

All the same criteria as “Delegate with appointments.”

Accompanying delegate

a) Only “Delegate with appointments” and “New buyer with appointments” registrations can have an accompanying delegate.

b) Only one accompanying delegate per registration is accepted.

c) This accompanying delegate must work for the company registered for the event, and it must not come from another company.

d) The accompanying delegate must have his or her own company email address.

Evenings only

a) The buyer in the evenings must first be approved by the Bus Carriers Federation, by the recommendations made by the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec, the Canadian Tourism Commission, professional tourism organizations, industry representatives, and sellers participating in Bienvenue Québec.

b) The buyer in the evenings only must have a history of active engagement in developing, packaging, promoting, selling, and operating travel products/services for at least two years.

V – Company posting policy

a) Buyers with appointments must submit a “company profile” listing the products and services they seek. The company profiles will be posted for appointment requests.

b) A directory containing the contact details of sellers and buyers will be available at the end of October for all delegates registered with appointments.

VI – Appointments

a) For each buyer with appointments, registration entitles them to a single set of appointments and a booth on the Trade Show floor. If the company wishes to register more than one delegate with a set of appointments, it will have to complete another registration form.

b) Each buyer with appointments must select appointment requests via the event’s web platform. The buyer can choose the priority level for each request (VIP = Priority 1, High = Priority 2, Normal = Priority 3). Bids will be processed in order of priority.

c) Appointments pairing is made according to the following order of priorities:

  1. Buyers and sellers asking each other out on an appointment are perfect matches that are automatically confirmed.
  2. The second priority is given to appointments requested by buyers*.
  3. The third priority goes to appointments requested by sellers*.
    * It is possible that such requests will not be granted when the companies have no expected free time. This type of situation is especially likely to occur in the case of companies that registered shortly before or even after the deadline, given that requests for appointments are processed in ascending order of the receipt of their registration.

d) Bienvenue Québec provides five appointment sessions. The number of appointment sessions varies according to the availabilities chosen by the delegate.

e) Each appointment lasts ten (10) minutes, and each delegate is responsable for respecting the appointment time. A bell indicates the beginning of each appointment, and the appointment is followed by one minute to allow to end a conversation and move on to the next appointment.

f) Only buyers who have paid the registration fees will have access to the appointment request platform and be displayed to sellers.

g) The buyer agrees to respect their appointment schedule. If a buyer is prevented for one reason or another from attending the scheduled appointment, they are asked to notify the seller with whom they had the appointment via the web platform.

h) If a delegate fails to respect their appointment with you, it is recommended that you report it, via your appointment schedule, by clicking on the “Did not happen” button. This action allows Bienvenue Québec to maintain the quality of appointments.

VII – Material allowed to hand over on site.

Only the information on a letter-size page can be handed over to the buyer during appointment session.

VIII – Identification badges

a) Individuals are pre-registered and accredited to attend the event as delegates of a business approved by Bienvenue Québec to participate.

b) AlI delegates must always wear the Bienvenue Québec identification badges. ID badges may not be transferred under any circumstance whatsoever. It is prohibited to cover an identification badge with a business card, pin or sticker, to modify the badge on behalf of a delegate who is not registered, or to change it in any way, shape or form. The identification badge must only contain person’s name and the related accredited business.

c) OnIy individuals wearing an identification badge shall be admitted to Bienvenue Québec’s activities and facilities.

d) A registered delegate can be permanently replaced when it presents itself at the Bienvenue Québec’s reception desk. No temporary changes can be made.

e) Lost identification badges may only be replaced upon presentation of a signed written declaration to Bienvenue Québec. Should the lost badge be found, it must be returned to the Bus Carriers Federation. Any delegate who forgets their badge must recover it before being admitted to Bienvenue Québec.

f) Starting on October 19, 2024, an additional fee of $25 CAD will be charged for reprinting a badge or changing a name.

IX – Parallel activity

It is forbidden to receive delegates and provide alternative activities, such as displays outside the premises, during the same hours as the official Bienvenue Québec activities.

X – Pro-am training

There is an increase in the use of a structured integration program to help employees to adapt to their new work environment. In sum, the quality of the integration directly influences the retention of recruits.

Bienvenue Québec has implemented a pro-am training program to integrate a new employee in training. We know it’s essential to give new employees as much information as possible by putting them right in the heart of the action. The integration program allows the new employee to follow the primary delegate registered for the event in all functions and to become familiar with the workings of a tourism trade show.

The employee will be able to benefit from this registration status only once. He also has access to the “new delegates” activity and to the training program ($) . This delegate will receive 15% discount on the cost of the accompanying person (plus applicable taxes).

For registration, send a request by email to bq@federationautobus.com.

XI – Executive program registration

This registration status allows a business owner or executive to accompany the registered delegate to certain event functions (Included : 1 breakfast, 3 lunches, the evening of October 28 and access to the delegates’ lounge) for a cost of $450 CAD (plus applicable taxes).

The marketplace floor will not be accessible for this registration type, and Bienvenue Québec must approuve the request. The executive will be able to benefit from this registration status only once. If the executive signs up for the event for subsequent years, the seller rate will apply depending on the type of registration chosen.

All requests should be sent to bq@federationautobus.com.