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BQ: Training – Education – Discussion

To be ready for the BQ

This innovative project aims to inform, educate, instigate thinking and stay connected to the various players in the industry.

The program is open to all, and various web conferences and discussions will be presented.

Upcoming webinars

Upcoming discussions



Panellists - Buyers
John Simon, President - Canadvac Travel Services
Shelby Beam, Coordinator - Green Light Group Tours
Andres Reinoso, General Manager - Anderson Vacations
Patricia Arias, Contract Manager Quebec - Jonview Canada

Panellists - Sellers
Pascal Robitaille, Customer Experience Director - St-Alberge Cheese Co-op, Inc.
Angèle Vermette, Présidente - Guidatour / Fantômes Montréal
Rui Wen Zhang, Sales Manager Tour & Travel - Croisières AML
Nicolas Lavigne, Owner - Côtes-à-Côtes Resto & Traiteur & ZèbreXpress.CA
Charlène Fox, Sales Coodinator - Destination Moncton-Dieppe

More to come!


A unique opportunity for buyers and sellers to discuss the current reality of the travel industry. You will learn the perceptions and expectations of both parties.

You will also be able to ask them your questions to your panellists.

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